Help me long distance relationship

Hey out there.I feel like really really bad and upset.i found my boyfriends picture with another girl kissing it was 3 months ago but im still really upset.we are in a long distance telationship and i really miss him.i think i tell him too much that i love should i act please tell me what should i say to him so i dont sound like im desperat.Its my first love im nearly crying i cant stop thinking about him please help

My first dilemma

Hello Out there i only just woke up so mind my spag errors.My first problem is 2 weeks ago i was on a holiday and i met that boy i straight away fought his the one i want to spend rest of my life with.And then i had to go back.We are still in contacts sometimes he tells me he loves me but sometimes i think his got enough of me and my text messages.Now i just feel that lonlieness and that feeling he doesnt like me.Last time i texted him was yesterday.I checked my messenger this morning and he was active 12 minutes ago.Do you think if he loves me should he text me this morning.But anyway i have enough of texting people who cant be bothered answering so i completely deleted fb and messenger and everything else he might text me on and i started this blog to be myself and throw my feelong out.i will renew fb next weak and tell you if i got any messages from him.HAVE YOI GOT A SIMILAR PROBLEM? PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT.Thanks a lot for reading.

Hello for a start

Hello out there, I decided to start a new blog.A blog where i can just write what i feel and be totally myself without being judged.This year i already had a lot of problems (ill share them with you later) but i had no one to talk to about my problems without being judeged.Please Comment if you have the same problem of being judged.We can go through this together.This is it for now.Soooo….. i guess i see you guys later P.S thanks for taking time to read this.:mrgreen::mrgreen: